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Imported from Russia,
Ekowool is a High-Performance Braided Silica Wick with Excellent Absorption. Hollow center for excellent capillary absorbancy. No odor or taste.
Can also be used as a sheath over SS wire, mesh or even cotton.

Lowest price on internet; starting at $0.99 a foot.
Sold in 3 foot segments.

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Ekowool Ekowool Ekowool
3 feet-2mm Ekowool

Our Price: $2.99

3 feet-1mm Ekowool
Our Price: $3.16
3 feet-2.5mm Ekowool
Our Price: $3.49

2mm Hollow
1mm Hollow
2.5mm Hollow
Ekowool Ekowool Ekowool
3 feet-3mm Ekowool

Our Price: $3.99

3 feet-2mm Solid Core Ekowool
Our Price: $5.72

3mm Hollow
1.5mm-Strands in Core
2mm Solid Core
4mm Ekowool
3 feet-4mm Ekowool

Our Price: $5.99
4mm Hollow