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Pure-Nic 10% nicotine solution
Puer-Nic-10%- 100ml bottle

Our Price: $17.99

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100mg/ml (10% Nicotine by volume)with Propylene Glycol and (or) Vegetable Glycerin

This must be cut down further to 3.6% (36mg) per volume or less, for safe vaping.

Nicotine USP/EPC10H14N2

100ml bottle with dropper top.

Use extreme caution when using this product. Follow safe handling procedures. Keep this away from children and pets.

Juiceray's Pure-Nic Nicotine USP/EP is isolated from tobacco leaves by a series of extraction and purification stages

specifically developed to give you a natural (non-synthetic) superior nicotine liquid.

The proprietary process produces a nicotine noted for its superior flavor profile and stability .

Pure-Nic nicotine liquid is the product of choice for your e-liquid.

Purity tested at: 100.1% - 100.5% (Nicotine testing goes to 101%)

CAS Number: 54-11-5.

Product Name: Pure-Nic, Organic Nicotine Solution
Chemical Formula: C10H14N2
CAS#: 54-11-5
Color: Clear to Pale Yellow
Chemical Name: Nicotine
Product of India

Store cold.

Poison Control Hotline: 1-800-222-1222

Nicotine solutions should always be kept in a secure location away from untrained personnel and out of the reach of children or pets.

DANGER! - Concentrated Nicotine solutions may be harmful or fatal if swallowed, absorbed by skin, or inhaled.

If accidental ingestion occurs call Poison Control immediately. Rinse mouth with cold water. Give victim 1-2 cups of water or milk to drink. Induce vomiting immediately. Seek medical attention.

If skin contact occurs remove contaminated clothing and wash the affected area immediately with soap and cold water. Seek medical attention.

If eye contact occurs immediately flush the eyes with water or eye wash solution for 15 minutes, lifting lower and upper eyelids occasionally. Seek medical attention.

If inhalation occurs remove victim to fresh air. If not breathing, give artificial respiration. Seek medical attention.

Symptoms of Nicotine poisoning may include: Excess salivation, burning sensation in the mouth and throat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, difficulty breathing, pallor, sweating, chest pain, palpitations, tremors, convulsions, confusion, weakness, or lack of coordination. If you suspect Nicotine poisoning and are experiencing any of the above symptoms seek medical attention immediately.

Nicotine solutions should not be handled without the proper training and personal protection.

Handling and Personal Protection

Personal protection includes: Eye protection or face shield, respirator, liquid/chemical resistant gloves, liquid/chemical resistant coveralls or apron, liquid/chemical resistant shoe covers or boots.

Additional recommended safety equipment includes: Fume hood, liquid/chemical resistant catch basin, emergency shower and eyewash station.

Minimum recommended Personal Protection for Nicotine solutions up to 50mg/ml include: Liquid/chemical resistant gloves, safety glasses or goggles, particle mask for nose and mouth.

Minimum recommended Personal Protection for Nicotine solutions from 50mg/ml up to 100mg/ml include: Liquid/chemical resistant gloves, safety glasses or goggles, particle mask for nose and mouth, liquid/chemical resistant sleeves or coverall.

Minimum recommended Personal Protection for Nicotine solutions above 100mg/ml include: Liquid/chemical resistant gloves, face shield and head cover, organic vapor respirator, liquid/chemical resistant coveralls, liquid/chemical resistant shoe covers or boots.


Nicotine solutions should be stored in a dry, cool, dark location that is secured from untrained personnel. Always keep Nicotine solutions out of the reach of children and pets. For long term storage keep Nicotine solutions in a glass container with an airtight lid, and proper labeling. To help prevent oxidation, keep Nicotine solutions away from heat, light, and in contact with as little oxygen as possible. Nicotine solutions may be safely stored at room temperature. Optimal storage temperature is 34-41 degrees Fahrenheit. Nicotine solutions may be safely used for up to 18 months with proper storage.


Containers storing Nicotine solutions must always be labeled properly with the content and appropriate warning language and/or symbols. Labeling should include the chemical name, and bear the words Danger, or Poison. DO NOT store Nicotine solutions in unlabeled containers.

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Excellent and fast service March 7, 2018
Reviewer: Omer Tokh from North St Marys, NSW Australia  
I am very happy with the service, I always get the goods on time and safely packed.

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  0 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
5 STAR SERVICE! March 13, 2015
Reviewer: Smok King(AVF) from Gold Coast, Australia  
Received my Pure-Nic last week from Chris. About 2 weeks to Aust, trouble free and as described. Excellent service. Very happy and will be buying from here again.

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